Structural Divinity directly refers to the physical manifestations of religious concepts. Through the use of documentary photography, founded in a methodological and systematic framework, a unique insight in to the methods used by religious denominations to create religious structures can be witnessed.

With the intent of producing a comparative study, where the differences and similarities of colonial histories, in relationship to religious ideologies can be explored, I decided that the design of religious structures would provide an accessible resource. The structures are psychologically and often geographically located in the heart of many communities.

Due to the social significance of most religious structures, the architects are afforded a privileged position whereby an elaborate, often ornate solution, imbued with ideological symbolism is produced. A distinct increase in the time, craftsmanship and finance invested in the project is evident, when compared to surrounding structures. Having observed this key element during provisional research and previous journeys, I was confident a culturally sensitive analysis of design and conceptual intent could be produced, for both historical prosperity and critical debate. The following portfolios explore this concept.